Clear, persuasive communication is the core of successful marketing. The entire purpose of marketing, after all, is to carry a message from a business to a potential customer that motivates the customer to take action.

Skillful writing makes marketing effective. Poorly-crafted writing can doom even the best-conceived campaign. Moreover, it might not be as easy as you think to get it right. Web copy-writing is a particular skill. Let’s consider what makes web copy-writing effective and how it differs from copy-writing for print and then look at some top web copy-writing tips from top experts.

Effective Copywriting Tips

Different Resolution Requires A Different Copywriting Strategy For The Web

Copy-writing began in the print media. David Ogilvy and other marketing pioneers came up with many insights about how people interact with printed text. They don’t just read it; it turns out. Ogilvy famously observed that five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy.

Also, that is with text, where you are looking at a real object with infinite resolution. Screens for reading on devices like laptops and tablets and cell phones have much lower resolution. Smaller text is harder to read. When we are planning our copy-writing strategy for the web, we have to realize we need to use a large font and avoid crowding. If we put too many words in too little space, the reader will feel overwhelmed and leave the page. For this reason, it is a good idea to plan to leave some white space, so the reader feels relaxed instead of assaulted.

Many studies prove avoiding cluttered text is essential, and there are even tools you can use to test how users interact with your writing. Do you know about heat maps and the “F Pattern?” If you want to learn more about these concepts, you can check out our Web Copywriting course also available in our Master Digital Marketing Academy Package.

Web Copywriting Tips From Jacob Nielsen Norman - Find Your Voice

One of our favorite marketing experts, Jacob Nielsen Norman, has spent over 20 years rigorously testing his theories. One of his best ideas is pretty intuitive, but it is surprising how many people don’t put it into practice: your customer will hear you better if you talk to them.

What does this mean? Well, some writing on the web is entirely correct. However, what if your audience does not speak altogether proper English? Your careful writing may come off as stiff, overly formal, and unfriendly. To create an excellent copy for Websites, you need to get inside your potential customer’s head. Find their voice, and speak to them in a style that will make them feel comfortable.

Web Copywriting Tips From A Management Consultant - Take A SWOT At Tuning Up Your Efforts

Another great thinker from the Stanford Research Institute, Albert Humphrey, worked in the broad field of management consulting, but his SWOT method is a perfect tool for Web Copywriting. It is an acronym for a simple four-part approach to analysis. Start on a positive note and look at your Strengths. What are you already doing right? Do more of that! Proceed to take an honest inventory of your Weaknesses. This will lead you to identify Opportunities to improve. Finally, you will develop Tactics to seize those opportunities.

Get More Powerful Insights for Web Copywriting

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